Abstract Submission



  • Papers can only be sent from the congress website via the “Online Paper System”. Papers sent by e-mail, fax, or post regardless of this system will not be evaluated.
  • It is necessary to register in the online system before submitting a paper.
  • In order for the papers to be published in the Abstract Book, at least one of the authors must have completed the congress registration process.
  • Each participant has the right to send a maximum of 2 papers.
  • When your application is approved, your invitation letter will be sent automatically from the system.

Abstracts Deadline for Submission

  • The abstract submission deadline is 20 November 2022.



  • Papers will be evaluated by the Congress Scientific Committee, keeping the names, surnames, and institutions of the researchers confidential.
  • Acceptance and rejection of the papers and requesting corrections from the authors when necessary will be made according to the evaluation of the Scientific Committee.
  • All correspondence regarding the papers entered into the system will be made with the author who uploaded the papers to the system.
  • The results of the acceptance or rejection of the paper will be notified to the participants.


  • Congress language is Turkish and English.
  • The entire abstract should not exceed 400 words (excluding title, author’s name, surname, institution information, and keywords).
  • Abstracts should be uploaded to the system in Turkish or English form.
  • Abstracts should be prepared in Times New Roman font, 1.5 line spacing, and 12-point size.
  • The title of the abstract should reflect the subject content, should be short, and should not contain abbreviations. The title should be written with the first letters of each word capitalized. Prepositions such as “and” should be written in lowercase in titles.
  • Academic titles should not be used in author names. Names should be written in capital letters only.
    The names and addresses of the institutions where the authors work (university name, faculty/department, province, and country) must be specified.
  • The abstract should be clear in terms of content and scope.
  • When the abbreviation is required to be used in the abstract, the abbreviation should be stated in parentheses at the first occurrence.
  • Papers can be submitted in the form of original research (observational, experimental, methodological studies, meta-analysis, and systematic review studies), case reports, and reviews.
  • Original research abstracts; “Introduction and Aim, Method, Results, Conclusion”; should be structured to include sections.
  • Case report abstracts; “Introduction and Purpose, Case(s), Conclusion”; should be structured to include sections.
  • Review abstracts; They should be structured as plain text, containing the purpose of the compilation.
  • Keywords should consist of at least 3 and at most 5 words. Between the words “;” (semicolon), only the first letter of the first keyword should be capitalized and written in alphabetical order.


  • All papers accepted and presented as oral presentations at the congress will be published electronically in the “7th World Muslim Health Societies Congress and Fair Abstract Proceedings Book”.
  • All responsibility for the papers sent to congress (receiving ethical approval for research articles, correct spelling of references, compliance with grammar rules, etc.) belongs to the author(s).
  • All participants must present their oral and/or poster papers. Papers that are not presented will not be included in the “Abstract Proceedings Book”.


Oral Presentation

  • Oral presentations can be presented in Turkish or English.
  • The presentation time is 5 min. should be planned.
  • Those who do not make a presentation at the hall, day, and time specified in the congress program will be deemed not to have attended the congress.
  • Notifications cannot be submitted on behalf of another person. The person who will make a presentation at the congress must be an author or co-author.


  • Title, Authors, Institutions, and Main Text sections should be included in the posters.
    main text;
    original research; Introduction and Aim, Method, Results, Table(s), Discussion, Conclusion, References
    Case report; Introduction and Purpose, Case(s), Discussion, Conclusion, References
    Compilation; It should consist of Introduction and Purpose, Subtitles, Conclusion, and References if any.
  • Shapes and photos that enhance visuality can be used in color.
  • Poster owners will exhibit their posters in print in the poster area during the congress. Poster owners are required to place their posters in the poster area to be displayed on the relevant dates.

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